Our new vertical edition is the same magazine you’ve come to love, we’ve just re-imagined it for a more comfortable reading experience.

Whether you are on your desktop computer or mobile device, the responsive design allows you to comfortably scroll the entire issue without ever struggling to flip a page.

Every designed page you would see in our print magazine or old, print replica edition are now in a beautifully designed section of our new current issue page.

You can browse our entire issue comfortably with just a scroll or swipe of your finger on your mobile device or your mouse.

The table of contents section has also been designed to jump you down to the article on our issue page with just a click or tap.

Because our entire issue has been designed to now be comfortably viewed based on a continuous vertical scroll, every article you are interested in reading about is just a tap or a click away.

Think of it like you were holding a magazine or old digital edition software, you would have to flip and fumble with pages just to get to the page number you want. Now, we do all that work for you and put you exactly where you want to be.

Once you are brought to the specific article you want, you have the option to read that full article, continue to scroll, or click or tap the table of contents icon in the menu bar to return back up the issue page.

Continuous scroll allows you to comfortably browse the full issue at your own speed as well as move freely in and out of content with ease and never lose your place.

When choosing to read the full article, you are brought to that specific article page.

When you are done reading that article, just simply tap or click the arrow in the menu bar or the back to issue button at the bottom of the article and this will bring you right back into the spot you left off at on the issue page.